• Harry Potter

The characters of Harry Potter live in a magical world that at times seems untouched since the medieval era. Therefore the indoor lighting uses flames instead of electricity. CGI is utilised to make the inside of Hogwarts seemingly look alive.

  • Lord of the Rings

The sets for the Lord of the Rings films are impressive because they manage to convey a well known fantasy world. Bilbo’s house is particularly worth singling out. It uses scale to show how small the hobbit characters are compared to the wizard Gandalf.

  • The Goonies

The children in this film travel through an underground environment that has been created by a pirate. There is therefore a mixture of nature and rudimentary machinery. The best aspect of this design is the use of natural lighting.

  • Tim Burton Films

Tim Burton is a director who has a very distinctive Gothic style. His sets are clearly influenced by the German Expressionist films of the silent era. He tends to use dark blue lighting and extensive shadows.

  • Titanic

When James Cameron sought to recreate the interiors of the ill fated ship he used photos of the actual hallways and dining rooms. The sets for this film are impressively detailed and true to their real world counterparts. It is a stunning reenactment of environments that no longer exist.

  • Star Wars

This series of sci fi classics is well known for its alien interiors. One of the most recognisable examples is the Mos Eisley Cantina. It manages to mix strange extraterrestrial styles with elements that are still recognisable to the audience.

  • Stranger Things

Stranger Things takes place during the 1980’s. Therefore the homes that the characters live in are dressed in furniture that comes exclusively from this era. A lot of attention has been given in order to make sure that there are no anachronistic props. The designers have done a great job at making these environments look like they are from the era being represented.

  • The Sopranos

There are two main sets for this show. One is a cramped place of business where the main character, Tony runs a criminal empire. The other is his luxurious family home. The two contrast with each other in several ways in order to signify Tony’s double life.

  • House of Cards

House of Cards takes place in the White House. This is the setting for political infighting and conspiracies. As such the colour of the decor is used to mimic the cold and foreboding nature of the characters. The world in which these people live reflects their attitudes.

  • The Office

Unlike some of the other examples on this list, the Office does not use interior design to create lavish environments. In fact the set is rather mundane. It perfectly encapsulates the bland and sterile nature of modern work places. The set designers add numerous visual jokes throughout the course of the series.

  • The Crown

This show explores the life of a young Queen Elizabeth II. Recreating her home at Buckingham Palace was a mammoth task for the set designers. They have managed to encapsulate the extravagant and large scale nature of this home of British royalty.

  • Twin Peaks

The Red Room is a place in Twin Peaks that exists in another plane of existence. Red curtains as well as black and white chevrons are employed to give a surreal, otherworldly atmosphere. The sets that exist in the real world of the show use wood extensively to convey northern US interiors.

  • Mindhunter

The characters of Mindhunter spend much of their time in the offices of the FBI during the 1970’s. There is a minimalist approach to the way that the sets are made. Blacks, whites and greys are used predominantly.